The most important materials for the mill sail maker are:

  • Sailcloth

  • Rope

  • Waxed thread

  • Iron hardware

  • Hydrolin


The types of cloth from which the sails are made of are Atlantex and WK77.

Atlantex is available in brown and ecru, WK77 in brown and white. The width of the cloth is 200 cm (Atlantex) or 160 cm (both WK77 en Atlantex).

Hempex rope is used for various parts of the sail.

Hempex is a durable, synthetic hemp, and available in various thicknesses.



Waxed yarn is used for several purposes by the sailmaker.

It is used for making sailmakers whippings, and for a number of other uses.

Different types of hardware, like chains, are used for attaching the sail.

Chain is also used for fastening the rods.



Hydrolin is used for 'refreshing' worn, discoloured sails.