New Sails

Distance permitting, measurements are being recorded personally, together with the miller.

In consultation with the miller the various materials are chosen, like canvas and ropes, colour, shape and other properties are determined.

Local wishes, shapes and customs are respected, like i.e. the shape of the curve in the upper part of the sail, and the sizes of the ropes.

The sails are made in our own workshop, situated near the river 'Dokkumer Ee'.

The sailcloth, qualitycloth of Atlantex or WK77, is cut in the right measuresments,

after which the sail is formed in the desired shape.

The hems are machine made. The sails are then provided with bolt ropes, sewn by hand.  Hempex rope is being stitched to the cloth with waxed thread.

After that the sail gets the sail ropes, tie ropes and cords, and is finished with handmade sailmaker's whippings made with waxed thread.

Distance permitting, the sails are personally delivered and put in place, together with the local miller.